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Don't be like that awkward Aunt that rolls up to the baby shower with some frog nightlight the poor kid won't remember. There are only two acceptable baby gifts, books -- and Boo. We've got you covered on the diapers, and for the book, we suggest Good Night Moon -- a classic. Gifting Boo is simple! Just purchase a gift card for any increment you'd like. Don't worry, the recipient can change the frequency of shipments and the diaper size at any time.

Customer Reviews

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Good but not great

I like the these diapers are “non-toxic”. The odor control isn’t too good but it works. Leaks are at a minimum! The biggest issue I have is that there is always a sticky residue left on baby’s bottom from the diaper and it’s hard to get off.

Julius Olson

Boo Diaper Membership

Most Reliable Diaper

I’ve used Boo diapers for both of my kids (3yo and 9m). For my second, I tried another brand for one month (she kept getting a rash so I just wanted to rule out Boo diapers). Turns out it wasn’t the diapers but it was the worst month for us - we had a blowout with these new very popular diapers (starts with a C) every single day. I quickly switched back to Boo and we have never had a blowout, rash or any issues ever again. My toddler is now potty trained but my 9m old continues to use Boo to this day. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly diaper that’s also good for their baby.

Laurie Lomask

Boo Diaper Membership

Misleading Product Description - Not Totally Chlorine Free

Website says there is "no chlorine" in the diapers. Emailed to ask and they are elemental chlorine free, not totally chlorine free. I ordered before I asked sadly. My son has really sensitive skin and eczema, and we need totally chlorine free diapers for him, otherwise his skin flares up badly. I emailed them and brought this to their attention. They didn't offer a refund. It was my mistake for ordering before asking but I think they should be far more transparent.

Hi there Tori,

On behalf of team boo I apologize that you had a negative experience! Your feedback is taken seriously, and I confirmed that a refund was processed for your order. In addition, I have ensured that 'ECF' is clearly stated on site. If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

boo Customer Care

Sizing Chart

Newborn: 8-12lbs(They run big)
Small: 8-17lbs
Medium: 14-24lbs
Large: 19-30lbs
Extra Large: Over 26lbs

*All babies are different, and our diapers typically run big. Please use these guidelines as a point of reference.