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Why is Composting Important?

Liquid waste (urine) and solid waste (feces) take different routes to reusability

Diaper Composting Instructions

Composting Wet Diapers
Because human urine is generally sterile, Boo diapers containing urine only (no feces) can be composted at home. To break down Boo diapers, your home composting system must maintain an optimal temperature, moisture level, and oxygen level as well as the correct ratio between brown and green materials, about 30:1 (For more information, see the Resources section below.)

To compost a wet Boo diaper, follow these three steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the two side tabs and the fastening strip that runs across the front of the diaper. Toss all three items into your regular trash.
  • Step 2: Add the diaper to your compost tumbler, bin, or open-air pile as a flat piece rather than a wad. If you’re feeling particularly earthy, cut the diaper into smaller pieces. We recommend against using worm bins (a.k.a., vermicomposters). The average number of diapers generated by a baby will quickly overwhelm the typical worm bin.
  • Step 3: Moisten the diaper thoroughly to jumpstart decomposition.
    • YES: water, coffee or tea without creamer, juice, beer, wine, and food-prep water from rinsing, steaming, or soaking fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.
      NO: water or other liquid that has come into contact with meat, dairy, or other animal products.
To speed decomposition, it is recommended to turn your compost every three weeks. However, this may vary depending on conditions and your specific composting techniques.
Composting Soiled Diapers
Human waste, like animal waste, contains pathogens that require high heat to be properly composted. Most home compositing systems can’t maintain these high heat levels. We recommend finding a commercial composter in your area that accepts solid waste.

Before disposing of soiled Boo diapers, remove both side tabs and the fastening strip, as in step 1, above.

Resources, Tips, and Tricks

Sizing Chart

Newborn: 8-12lbs(They run big)
Small: 8-17lbs
Medium: 14-24lbs
Large: 19-30lbs
Extra Large: Over 26lbs

*All babies are different, and our diapers typically run big. Please use these guidelines as a point of reference.