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Boo Diaper Membership
Laurie Lomask

Boo Diaper Membership

Misleading Product Description - Not Totally Chlorine Free

Website says there is "no chlorine" in the diapers. Emailed to ask and they are elemental chlorine free, not totally chlorine free. I ordered before I asked sadly. My son has really sensitive skin and eczema, and we need totally chlorine free diapers for him, otherwise his skin flares up badly. I emailed them and brought this to their attention. They didn't offer a refund. It was my mistake for ordering before asking but I think they should be far more transparent.

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Chelsea Carlson

I've loved boo diapers for years, but this last box has been a problem. The inner seams are sticking to my son's bum and leaving red lines on his skin! My friend who also uses BOO is experiencing the same problem. I've reached out to customer service but haven't heard anything back yet. I want them to fix this because I love the diapers! But this is a major problem.

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Erica Martin

Boo Diaper Membership

Best diapers!

Boo Diaper Membership
Brigette Kimbrough
Defective pack of diapers!!

Hi! We love boo diaper and have been using them most of my sons life! We did just receive in our last shipment one package of the 4 all the diapers are broken!

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Natasha Viernes
So so

Absorbency is great but the elastic on the diaper skirts has been coming off easily on this shipment.

Good diapers

Really happy with their diapers. Order and delivery is easy and the diapers hold up well. Would recommend.

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Danielle P. Driscoll

My daughter weighs 29lbs and is 20months, she is also petite. These are so soft and hold so much. I ordered XL and they fit with a little room.

Boo Diaper Membership
Hafsa Patel
Runs small

It says on the website they run big but they do not. They actually run small

Boo Diaper Membership
Melissa Jean Chavarro
I like it but it doesn’t make it thru the night without wet pjs in the morning

I’ll continue to buy these but I’ll resign myself to washing pjs and having a new set every morning. Still does better than the cloth diapers and I won’t use anything else

On the fence

I love that these diapers are bamboo and that I feel safe using them on my little one. I do find, however, that their performance is inconsistent. It seems like we’ve received both good and bad batches when it comes to absorbency. I do notice that my baby got diaper rash when using other brands and with Boo, he almost never did with us a big plus.

Boo Diaper Membership
Ania Oszczeda
Love it!

My 3month old started to sleep through the nights. Diapers are really soft and absorbing. Huge difference comparing to the ones you find in stores.

Boo Diaper Membership
Myron Olson
Great product

Very comfortable for the little one and didn't leak.

Boo Diaper Membership
Emily Lounsbury
We love BOO!

We love Boo diapers and knowing we are helping reduce landfill as well as supporting more sustainable agriculture! They feel soft and are less bulky than name brand diapers and more absorbent. The fact that they are delivered in bulk is very convenient too!

Great diaper, great company

I used the large diapers for overnight on my 1.5 year old. No leaks, no issues. We use cloth during the day with Diaper Stork diaper service. I like the Boo company values.

Best diapers we have found. I’ll be giving my unused newborn ones to my expecting mom friends to try.

Boo Diaper Membership
Tomika Anderson-Smith
Great diapers, when they are all there!

Loved the diapers, they are a good size and no leaks. But at least 3 times now, I’ve found diapers missing the fascinator on the side or it’s been cut badly so not usable. Obviously once is just a random error, but happening a little too often for me. Otherwise loved them.

Boo Diaper Membership

Boo Diaper Pack
Cora Short
Just what I needed

My daughter pees so much at night. She pees through every diaper. These are the only diapers that contained the amount of pee she does at night. Definitely will be purchasing more.

Love these

I love these diapers, we've used other brands, but these feel like you're putting a quality product on your baby.

We compost them in our backyard bin, and it's amazing how well they compost - over a years worth of diapers in there and they are composting successfully and not filing up the bin!

These are okay

They don’t seem to hold up as well compared to the other bamboo diapers on the market.

Also, very annoyed I ordered, they were out of stock. I assumed they would just cancel my order, and then about a month later they charged me and sent me these diapers.

Boo Diaper Membership
Nade Sotirova

Excellent service!

Good diapers

I had a issue with my original orders delivery and they went out of there way to make sure a new package was sent asap! My 1 yr old seems to like them so far, she is close to 2 yr and is wearing size XL. No leaks yet! Think we may have found a good match for baby #2 coming in march!!!

Sizing Chart

Newborn: 8-12lbs(They run big)
Small: 8-17lbs
Medium: 14-24lbs
Large: 19-30lbs
Extra Large: Over 26lbs

*All babies are different, and our diapers typically run big. Please use these guidelines as a point of reference.