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August 11, 2021

It's 2:00 am, and you're wide awake. Your baby is crying, and all the rocking, singing, patting, feeding, changing... nothing seems to work. You are exhausted but can't help but worry about your little one. You know they need sleep to grow healthy and learn new skills, so will they ever sleep through the night? We've got some tips for how you can make it happen! 

1) Stick with a routine - Babies thrive on routines that provide the structure that helps them feel safe in this world of change. The more consistent your routine becomes over time, the better chance there is for your baby to be able to predict what happens next during nighttime hours, which will allow them to relax before

2) Hide your baby’s favorite toys - Like the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” If their favorite toys are out of reach, the chances of them going to sleep quickly and efficiently will increase. Get rid of any distractions in the bedroom, so your baby knows it is time for bed. 

3) Keep their room at a pleasantly cool temperature - Make sure your house is cool enough at night and that you're using light blankets instead of heavy ones. Very much like adults, babies also have trouble sleeping when they are too hot. Therefore, it may take some time to figure out your baby’s ideal sleeping temperature.

4) Play relaxing sounds or music - Experiment with this when you try to put them down for a nap. Put on some white noise like rain or ocean waves to help lull your baby into sleep mode.

5) Try different positions with your child - Again, it is good to experiment with this during the day when you are putting them down for a nap. Try different positions like sitting up, lying down, nursing while rocking them back and forth, etc., until they fall asleep. 

6) Choose the right diaper for your baby to avoid diaper rashes - Try Boo diapers! Our premium bamboo diapers use soft bamboo fibers for their inner and outer linings. Making them incredibly soft and silky for your baby's bum. Our bamboo's natural absorbent and moisture-wicking properties will ensure that your baby gets a good night of shut-eye while also keeping them dry! 

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When it comes to sleep, everyone has their idea of what the perfect night entails. Some people want a full-on snooze fest, while others might need some light background noise. The truth is that there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to getting your baby to sleep through the night because every child is different and will require a little experimentation on your part until you find something that works for them.  We wish you the best of luck & hope that you find these tips helpful; sleep tight!


Sizing Chart

Newborn: 8-12lbs(They run big)
Small: 8-17lbs
Medium: 14-24lbs
Large: 19-30lbs
Extra Large: Over 26lbs

*All babies are different, and our diapers typically run big. Please use these guidelines as a point of reference.