Diaper Gift Membership

Size Guide
Don't be like that awkward Aunt that rolls up to the baby shower with some frog nightlight the poor kid won't remember. There are only two acceptable baby gifts, books -- and Boo. We've got you covered on the diapers, and for the book, we suggest Good Night Moon -- a classic. Gifting Boo is simple! Just purchase a gift card for any increment you'd like. Don't worry, the recipient can change the frequency of shipments and the diaper size at any time.

Choosing Boo as Your Diaper for Even 1 Year Will Help Eliminate Over 2,000 Plastic Diapers From Landfills

Sizing Chart

Size NB: 4-8lbs

Size S: 8-17lbs

Size M: 14-24lbs

Size L: 19-30lbs

Size XL: Over 26lbs

*All babies are different, so please use these guidelines as a point of reference.